Tanah Industri Kandeman Batang
Rp 1.500.000 For Sale
Di jual tanah di jl Raya Semarang Batang, Kandeman, Batang.
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What We Do? 

At Prospera Jaya Group ( PRAYA ),

We ensure our employees, customers, partners, and shareholders are satisfied with our products and services.

   We realise that we are not perfect therefore we are highly committed to be excellent in everything we do.

We specialise in professional construction of residential and commercial buildings.
We build houses, shophouses, warehouses and factories.
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We only use high quality materials that comply with government standards and enviromentally friendly materials for our construction works.

Whether you are thinking of building or renovating your homes, shops, offices, factories or warehouses,

PRAYA can help you construct your dream home, office, factory or warehouse that you love on time and within budget.

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