Industrial Land in Batang, Indonesia
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For Sale Industrial Land in Batang, Indonesia
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Behind Our Name
Prospera Jaya : Prospera from the word prosperity, Jaya means triumphant/victorious/successful.
We want to succesfully create prosperity for all.
We want our business to become a blessing for others.
The word PRAYA is derived from Javanese sentence “saiyeg saeka praya” it means “mutual cooperation to complete the job together”.


Behind Our Logo
Leaf is a symbol of growth, while the different colour and different size of leafs represent diversity.
While the white sunshine is a symbol that we want to create a sustainable prosperity for all.


Behind Our Slogan
Our slogan “property you love” stands that we love our jobs and we want to build something that you love.
From a house that you live with your lovely family, an office or a factory that you love to come to work, we would love to build it for you. 


To be the most trusted developer in residential and commercial properties in the world.


To construct high quality, eniviromental friendly and safe buildings at affordable price.
To create continuous and sustainable prosperity for our employees, partners, shareholders, communities, country and the world.


Our Values
Our values serve as a direction for our thoughts and actions and describe how we do our job and behave in the world.
Love God, Love our families, Love our neighbours, Love our country.


Be true, Be noble, Be right, Be pure, Be lovely, Be excellent.

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